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Why is cosplay changing?

English version~

I’ve been seeing and reading a lot of negative (constructive) criticism on a lot of social medias about cosplay. Sites that are sorely created to announce several negative thoughts on cosplay. I don’t really pay much attention to them. But lately it’s been increasing.

Im becoming self aware about it because it’s been affecting other cosplayers. And they too are becoming alert on this situation In a not so productive way.

Other cosplayers seem to take people’s criticism too serious.
Im not sure if I should take it serious too. Because I know what being a cosplayer means. I know what it is to be one. And I know how much it takes to create something out of nothing or how to get something that is not original from this country.

We have to take count that, there will always be ignorant people, and that when people don’t understand something, they will take it in the most wrong ways.

I see cosplay as art. A way to express, communicate… to LIVE.
The thing that most chock me about this tipe of topic is the (few some) people that DO know what it means to be a cosplayer… do extreme negative criticism about it.

Why attack people that know our own language? That understands the same things we do? Is it not the same thing as attacking ourselves?

I don’t get it. 

Everytime I read about this… I want to cry because this thing we do… cosplay, is sorely for our own setsfaction. Not someone else. 
This being said… I want to do something:

I PROMISE that if I see or hear something negative or a certain abusive action on a fellow cosplayer I will go a support that person.
Knowing who they are or not… I will go and help them.
If the problem is between ourselves the only ones that can fix them is us.
If the problem is between people that dont understand us, we will go and make them understand or ignore them if the effort turned into a failure.
This is how I feel. If you guys want to promise and support that, it would maybe decrease this negative flow that is bursting in social medias.
I know that if by any chance I am bullied… I would like someone to help me too. 

Treat people how you want them to treat you… Right?

Versión en español~

He estado viendo y leyendo un montón de críticas negativas sobre el cosplay (bastante constructivas) en una gran cantidad de medios de comunicación social. Sitios que se crean con el único propósito de anunciar varios pensamientos negativos sobre cosplay.

Yo no le doy o presto tanta atención a ellos. Pero últimamente ha ido creciendo. 
Estoy un poco consciente de ello porque ha estado afectando a otros cosplayers. Y ellos también están en alerta sobre la situación. En una forma no tan productiva.

Otros cosplayers parecen tomar críticas de la gente muy enserio. 
No estoy segura si debo tomarlo en serio también. Porque sé lo que es ser un cosplayer. Yo sé lo que significa ser una. Y sé lo mucho que se necesita para crear algo de la nada, o cómo conseguir algo que no es original de este país. 

Tenemos que tomar cuenta de que, siempre habrá gente ignorante, y que cuando la gente no entiende algo, lo toman de la manera más equivocada. 

Veo el cosplay como 
arte. Una manera de expresar, comunicar … vivir. 

Lo que más me shoca de este tipo de tema es la gente que SI sabe lo que significa ser un cosplayer … Hacen criticas demasiado extremas. 
¿Por qué atacan a la gente que conocen nuestro idioma? Que entienden las mismas cosas que hacemos… ¿No es lo mismo que atacar a nosotros mismos? 

No entiendo.

Cada vez que leo sobre esto … me dan ganas de llorar porque esto que hacemos … el cosplay, es para nuestra propia satisfacción. No para otras personas. 

Y en el tema… Quiero hacer algo al respecto: 

Prometo que si veo o escucho algo negativo o una determinada acción abusiva de un compañero cosplayer voy a ir a apoyar a esa persona. 
Aunque no sepa quien rayos es … Voy a ir y ayudar. 

Si el problema es entre nosotros los únicos que podemos arreglarlo somos somos nosotros. 

Si el problema es entre las personas que no nos entienden, vamos a ir y hacerles entender o ignorarlos si nuestro esfuerzo se convirtió en un fracaso. 

Esto es lo que siento. Si ustedes quieren prometer y apoyar a que tal vez disminuir este flujo negativo que está estallando en medios sociales pueden hacerlo también. 

Yo sé que si por casualidad estoy siendo atacada … Me gustaría que alguien me ayude también. 

Tratar a las personas como quieres que te traten a ti … ¿no?

Okies… So this is kinda how I pictured Levi when they had their “talk”(breakup). Levi here is kinda leaning to something but I made it too big so you can see it. I’m sorry i don’t remember how you described what he was wearing in that moment, so I made him this (out of fashion) out fit?
He has tears appearing in his eyes I’m not sure if its noticeable but I made him try and hide the struggle to crumble at the sudden news.
Argh. How I love quarrels. I just love it. Specially if it’s Ereri.
Levi looks sexy when he is in despair…
Ignore the last part I said ( ̄ - ̄U)

Ok so I’m highlighting all of the detail in the Tokyo Ghoul art I made… I don’t know what I did. I have no idea who are those characters. I don’t know what I’m doing.
I just know that this is my first time doing a nipple. And look at it. Cause is sexy.
So… I used ink pens for the line art(Sakura pens), color pencils for the red eye-skin-white hair-mask(Prisma Colors), color markers for black hair and gray blue eyes and red acrylic for all the blood.
Yeah… Took me 2 days to do this.
First day: After doing line art, I gave up of trying to figure out what to do with them both (I had no Internet so i had no way of finding info about it…)
Second day: I asked my gf and she told me a brief summary… I had no idea he was the protagonist and that they both are the same guy *face palms*
Well what ever. This is my fav art I’ve done so far. I love blood. I should’ve put more blood.
So I thought, he is leaving his humanity… That kinda looks tasty to his other Ghoul self.



… Ok… Fine… I CAN’T hate Erwin now.
I mean… EVERY suspicion i had with Erwin was homed run, out of the stage in this chapter. I mean… Erwin’s approach in the subject was so… Argh.
I totally feel Eren too much. But he is not the “monster” I made him to be.
*sigh* you win Lootibles.
I made this fan art. This is how I picture Eren to feel.
Ill do more fan art soon. I’m just out of Internet. Next week ill be sure to post more sense ill have Internet. (Luckily)

*tackles and clings to you.* I’m so happy you’re not hating Erwin now! ^_^ I know there are a few that are still hating him… but maybe that will change in time. He’s definitely messed up a few times, but in the end he really does want the best for Levi. And he knows that’s Eren, not him.

And gaaaaah! This is absolutely lovely! ^__^ And definitely an accurate representation of Eren right now. That pained look in his eyes. T__T Gaaah! I love this so much, thank you for sharing it! ^___^

*hugs you tight.*

Wholly fucking shit… She answered…
Lootibles answered… Hold up… *doesn’t know what to do… Breaths*
Umm Okies… Ill do Levi’s expression next… Just… Don’t die on me I NEED to know go this fucking ends

… Ok… Fine… I CAN’T hate Erwin now.
I mean… EVERY suspicion i had with Erwin was homed run, out of the stage in this chapter. I mean… Erwin’s approach in the subject was so… Argh.
I totally feel Eren too much. But he is not the “monster” I made him to be.
*sigh* you win Lootibles.
I made this fan art. This is how I picture Eren to feel.
Ill do more fan art soon. I’m just out of Internet. Next week ill be sure to post more sense ill have Internet. (Luckily)

Chapter 48 THE INTERN (fanfic-Ereri)

*Warning… this will be long*

I like… No, I LOVE “love quarrels”. A lot. A relationship must have quarrels. If not, something is wrong.
I decided to read the comments… Everyone seems to be against Levi’s own choice (A choice with no regrets?).
Thought I WAS NOT going to read the fic update ‘cause I knew that it wasn’t going to end well… And Lootibles (writer of the fic -did I wrote her name right?-) was going to leave me hanging yet again until next update… BUUUUT, she always does a good job with the plot twists and freaking leaves me wanting more witch was the reason I couldn’t stay away until next week with this update because I was just wanting that fight and everything that comes with it! *breaths*
I WAS CRAVING for this moment. The talk of the “lie”.
Levi was fighting for this relationship too. He was dragging Eren’s ass along the way every time something was up. Off course Levi would do it his own way.
Now why is he making it a big deal? Because he was finally feeling what he couldn’t feel with Erwin.
I’m sorry but I always keep thinking of Erwin as “the bad guy”.
Erwin didn’t told Levi this “issue”. But he told Eren. HE FUCKING TOLD EREN. But he didn’t tell Levi. He did it, like he knew that if what ever Levi and Eren had was serious or not, this simple thing would kill anything they had. Eren being the brat that he is an how insecure he was with himself, was a big piece of cake for Erwin. Erwin is always 3 steps ahead of Levi and Eren.
Why do I keep thinking Erwin is indeed the bad guy? Well let me tell you that if you have a secret ONE DOES NOT SIMPLY TELL THE SECRET KNOWING THAT THE ONE THAT ISINT MEANT TO HEAR IT IS SUPER NEAR BY (he could be. Behind the door … And security cameras that are fail checked). I mean Erwin was in one part of the fic alone with Eren and he purposely lowered his voice so Levi wouldn’t hear him, only see him and make Levi think something else was up (Erwin was making a “deal” with Eren in that part while Levi was going nuts over the fact that Erwin seemed like he was going to fuck Eren right there.). But this time Erwin diss miserly said it with out care in the world. As if he knew Levi would be hearing, baiting Eren to just say what he wanted and needed Levi to hear. Manipulating the words to make everything fall into the place he wanted… Witch is the end of those two.
It’s messy. (Best quarrels EVER)
But I just cant understand … I’m trying here, but I can’t understand why Levi wants revenge on Erwin. Why is he looking for someone that he cared about end in misery but not “hurt him like this or that”.
Ok, I get that he killed his father etc all that. But what I don’t understand is Levi’s plan. Why not simply fire him? Levi is the inheritance of the company right? He has that much power as Erwin. No?
Second… I truly think that the only way that he can truly hurt Erwin the most is by simply be happy with the new person (witch is fucking Eren!) and move on with out him(mone on with out Erwin). What can be more hurtful then seeing someone you love go with another person and totally throw you out like garbage. As if nothing you did with them even mattered.
Levi must be tired of the lies.
“Do you know what is like when your not who you want to be?
Do you know what is like to be your own worst enemy?
Who sees the things that need to get by?
Do you know what is like… To want to surrender?”
-Band Skillet(Comatose album)
“Once upon a time there was light in my life… Now is only falling apart
Nothing I can say, total eclipse of the heart”
-I don’t remember the band… But this song is old. You must know it.
Songs like these pooped in my head. Right now there are a lot of songs… I was reading this fic and I was crying while I read their words and the songs playing in my head.
Levi is making the most difficult… The most hardest choice in his life.
They are both going to suffer equally. Because Levi is hating himself right now. He wants the pain caused by Erwin to go away. And is still there. And now… He is going to deal with Eren’s blow. And Eren Doesn’t have a place to go to. They both have no home to go to.
Everyone thinks that Eren needs an accident to make them be together again. But on the contrary. If Levi is faced with a situation… Let’s say Grisha goes and takes him by surprise in Trost… And tries to kill Levi… What can be a better act of love then show Levi thru actions how much he means to him.
Right now Levi and Eren need the act of truth.
They broth love each other. And Levi is ending everything in THE most soft fitting way possible. He touched Eren… He hugged him. And he will diss miss him with much hurt in his heart.
He didn’t hit him. He didn’t slam doors. He is not going to throw him in the streets. HE IS PAYING FOR THE STAY WITH MIKASA. He will still some what take care of Eren. Some what.
But the mystery still lingers with Grisha. He will appear to fuck us all up when we least expect it. Because if Mikasa hasn’t done anything yet is because of Eren. And now there is nothing holding her back. Levi and Eren are nothing and SHE will prolly take this chance to take Eren far away as possible from Grisha like she planned in the first place but was intercepted by Levi.
I can’t wait for the next update…
I’m feeling like shit. But IDFC. It’s not a bad feeling either.

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